To me a successful painting is one that the viewer responds to in their own personal way and experiences with their own personal connection. My goal as an artist is to translate what I have seen and have experienced in a sensitive and evocative way, in order to allow for a stimulating and intangible interpretation.

The information per se, for me, at this time, has become secondary! I always hope to transcend the visible and allow for a spiritual or perhaps, elusive element, to be present in hope of elevating the work to a higher plateau. This involves a balancing of the natural shapes and colors of nature and its geography with the intimate responses of my emotions and spiritual connections thereof. I believe the main element of the process is truth! With it, all is free and abundant and the process of painting moves ahead as though guided by a higher power. This having been said, I truly feel myself to be a mere instrument or catalyst for what I have seen and experienced in the natural world.

There is always something in particular that inspires me to respond and want to paint and that is always my focus. However, if I am fortunate, at some point I will enter a particular zone and another power takes over and begin to dictate the direction of the painting and at this juncture is where the intangible elements which join the painting together come into play and orchestrate a truthful interpretation.

I paint both on location and from memory. Location painting has taught me the discipline of values and composition, while memory has allowed for the freedom of exploration.

At this time I prefer to paint from memory in that I can eliminate all of the extraneous detail, which tends to get in the way. I consider myself somewhat of a set designer in that each element plays a significant role much the same as main characters and supporting characters in a Broadway play.

Everything must hold together as one in harmony. This harmony as well comes together in an ethereal way, which develops itself as the painting progresses to completion.

Whether I paint in oil, pastel, or acrylic, the process is always the same with truth being the underlying factor.

     J.P. Grieco

Art Students League, Drawing and Fine Arts
School of Visual Arts, Fine Art and Illustration
Oil Painters of America
The American Impressionist Society
Painters in Acrylic and Casein
Pastel Socity of America
The Salmagundi Club
Lyme Art Association, CT
Beartooth Gallery, Red Lodge, MT
Objects & Images, Bronxville, NY
Weiler House Fine Art Gallery, Ft. Worth, TX
Keystone Gallery, San Antonio, TX
Gregory James Gallery, New Milford, CT
Courtyard Gallery-Mystic, CT
American Artists Professional League
American Artists Professional League
Oil Painters of America Salon Show
Greenhouse Gallery Salon International
Hudson Valley Art Association National
American Impressionist Society
Highlands Gallery
The Salmagundi Club
Lyme Art Association
Greater Reston Center for the Arts
The American Impressionist Society
Courtyard Gallery, Mystic, CT
Longs Park Amphitheatre, PA
Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA
Gregory James Gallery
Picture This, Westport, CT
Forest Scott Gallery, Milburn, NJ
Premiere Fine Art Gallery, NJ
Winter Park, FL

Have received over 300 awards lifetime most of which have been 1st Place, Award of Distinction, and Best of Show throughout the United States. Recently recieved Southwest Art Magazine Award at Salon International, Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonio, TX.
In addition, have been awarded the following from the Salmagundi Club, NYC.

Frederick S. Church Award, Thomas Moran Memorial Award, Hobart Nichols Award, Louis C. Tiffany Award, and Elliot Liskin Memorial Award, Charles Dana Gibson Award, Ellen Esposito Award, Noble Nocturne Award.
Currently in numerous private and corporate collections usch as the Disney Corporation. Have appeared in magazines such as American Art Review.
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